Brian Maffly

Brian Maffly is a journalist in Utah, writing about public lands and the environment for the Salt Lake Tribune. Utah is home to amazing landscapes, like Cedar Mesa, San Rafael Swell and the Grand Staircase, which often overlie huge mineral deposits and harbor archaeological treasures. Managing these resources makes for great drama and Brian Maffly tells the stories behind big land-use decisions. Brian Maffly on Tumblr

Follow Brian Maffly on Twitter @brianmaffly and Muck Rack Maffly is married to Diane Maggipinto, KUER-FM’s Morning Edition host, and they live in Salt Lake City with their kidsDSC_0350. They spend a lot of time exploring the mountains and deserts.

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2 thoughts on “Brian Maffly

  1. Brian: there are three reasons why I look at the Trib website: 1 – I grew up in SLC (now in Alaska); 2 – Pat Bagley; 3 – you. But I can’t stand the Trib for three reasons: 1 – little coverage of national issues; 2 – too much Mormon; 3 – too much sports.

    Is there a way to follow your current stories without going to the Trib website?


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